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Crisos - The Hangover SOS

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The very first shot to put Crisos on the map, the OG and Australia's #1 hangover recovery drink. Inspired by the worlds wildest adventurers, athletes and the weekend warriors. CRISOS™ creates potent 90ml multi-vitamin/hydration drinks designed to fit in the palm of your hand. 

Crisos have crammed a awesome complex of vitamins, minerals, hers and aminos into a two-sip formula so you can consume quick and easy to help recovery from a big night out. 

Most unique of all is a strong 400mg dose of ginger root extract to reduce nausea and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)  however you cannot taste the ginger. 
A strong complex of B-vitamins and Magnesium Citrate aid in rehydration, energy and headaches. 

Giving Back. 

Every single bottle of CRISOS™ sold provides a hydration pack for a child in developing countries. Every bottle is aiding a crisis hence our name CRISOS :)