BSC Green Tea TX100 - Australian Distributor - Oxygen Nutrition
BSC Green Tea TX100 - Australian Distributor - Oxygen Nutrition

BSC Green Tea TX100

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For the first time probiotics meets green tea in an advanced weight loss system.

All natural GreenTea TX100 is a delicious tasting, 7 calorie, convenient and easy to use sachet

The health and weight loss benefits associated with the regular consumption of green tea are well-documented and now Body Science would like to introduce you to the latest in product development - our new GreenTea TX100.

Not only does this natural formulation contain antioxidants daily, but it is also the first green tea formulation to incorporate probiotics, the powerful microorganisms that help to keep the digestive tract healthy.

There is a strong relationship between our gut health and the absorption of essential nutrients from the food we eat on a daily basis. A daily serve of Body Science Green Tea TX100 contains more than 6 billion good bacteria courtesy of the probiotics Lactobacillus plantarum. Lactobacillus is widely used to maintain healthy digestive function and support immunity.

Most importantly, Body Science Greentea TX100 is a natural formation, with no artificial ingredients, only 7 calories per serve and sweetness achieved via natural plant based sweeteners. Body Science Greentea TX100 adds 2 x 600ml of water to your daily intake & has been designed to aid hydration, performance and gut health whilst optimising immune function and weight control. With refreshing flavours, minimal calories and a number of potential health benefits, Body Science Greentea TX100 compliments any training, hydration and health regime.   

With a suggested serve of 2 x 3g sachets per day, it is recommended to consume TX100 after meals in the morning and at lunchtime.

There are 5 delicious fruit flavours to choice from.