All Good Nutrition Mind + Body Protein
All Good Nutrition Mind + Body Protein
All Good Nutrition Mind + Body Protein

All Good Nutrition Mind + Body Protein

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Gold Hemp + Pea Protein

Mind + Body Protein was developed to optimize both your mind & your body, using plant based proteins, nootropics & adaptogens. Expect improved recovery post workout + improved mental performance - better mood, focus, clarity & memory.

Mind + Body Protein is ideal post work out, or as a nutritious & power-packed addition to your smoothie. 

Mind + Body Protein is made using Organic Gold Hemp / Organic Pea Protein + includes our signature Smart Blend. Smart Blend consists of ingredients that support & optimize brain function using nootropics & adaptogens. Comprising of Lions Mane mushrooms, Coconut MCT & vitamin B6.

We didn't stop here, we want to have a positive impact around Australia and have committed 50% of all profits to mental health charities. This is our way of giving back to the people that need support.


The Breakdown

All Good Nutrition started with a blend of high quality Organic Gold Hemp Protein + Organic Pea Protein for muscle growth, recovery & maintenance. They chose to use Gold Hemp because it’s naturally rich in Omega 3s & 6s which are essential for brain health + it’s packed with naturally occurring fibre. The Pea Protein was chosen because it is easily digested + rich in iron & arginine.

Carefully chosen adaptogens & nootropics were added to support everything ‘Brain Function’. Lions Mane mushroom extracts to improve cognitive functions including memory, mood + new brain cell growth & maintenance. Coconut MCT which acts like a windscreen wiper for a foggy mind, effectively providing clarity & extra brain fuel. And vitamin B6 which is essential for good brain health & function.

All Good Nutrition tied the above together using Premium Natural Flavours & sweetened it with natural Monk Fruit Extract. On its own or with your choice of water or milk, it is delicious. When added to a fruit smoothie, it is out of this world. And so, so good for you.

Optimize mind & body with complete, natural formulas to improve the way you feel physically & mentally.

Please note: Nutrition Facts Displayed are for Chocolate flavour and may vary slightly between other flaovurs

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