Botanika Blends Kombucha Powder

Botanika Blends Kombucha Powder

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So... Why Botanika Bucha!?

🌱 Organic Kombucha Extract: Using traditional fermentation methods involving green tea with the ’scoby’, kombucha is full of nutrients which are considered ‘good for your guts’. The process includes brewing, dehydrating and concentrating the kombucha into a powder. What makes Botanika's Bucha great is, most ‘refrigerated’ kombucha drinks are predominately water and generally contain 100 million CFU per serve (this is if they measure the CFU!) whereas Botanika Bucha contains 1.5 Billion CFU per serve!

🍏 Apple Cider Vinegar: Made from traditional fermentation methods including the ‘mother’, Apple Cider Vinegar powder is an undiluted and concentrate to contain high levels of Acetic Acid which is understood to be the functional property of ACV

🥥 Coconut Water Powder: Coconut Water contains natural sugars which are great for energy and is known for its hydrating benefits containing electrolytes such as potassium. Botanika Blends add other electrolytes from plant based sources such as Calcium and Magnesium to Bucha too, great for hydration

🧬 Prebiotic Fibres: Botanika Blends use soluble fibres such as inulin and acacia fibre that are known to be beneficial in gastrointestinal health

🦠 Digestive Enzymes & Shelf Stable Probiotics: Botanika have got a blend of specific digestive enzymes in Bucha which help break down sugars, fats and protein - supporting your digestive system. There’s plenty of ways you can upset the balance of your good/bad bacteria including stress and diet change. They've taken a shelf stable probiotic with plenty of clinical research that helps balance your intestinal flora, these spores activate in the acidic environment of your gut and work their magic. Botanika have managed to fit in 1.5 Billion CFU per serve (15g) which is up to 10 times greater then your typical refrigerated kombucha* (*compared to market leading brands per 330ml serve)

🔫 No Sugar: Botanika Belnds don’t add any refined sugars to their Bucha! The sweetness is coming from coconut water and stevia (a natural and commonly used safe sweetener).

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