BSC Amino BCAA Fuel
BSC Amino BCAA Fuel

BSC Amino BCAA Fuel

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When you hit the gym for another gruelling workout, you want an intra-workout supplement that will help carry you through no matter what your session brings.

Most people know the importance of post-workout nutrition, many will use a pre-workout supplement to give them motivation and drive, but an intra-workout supplement may be where you’re falling short. An intra-workout supplement should provide your body with the nutrients the body demands during training and which are depleted by physical bouts of exercise.

Essential Amino BCAA Fuel provides the sustained fuel you need for an intense workout, combined with the nutrients vital for protein synthesis during recovery, plus enhanced hydration for energy and endurance.

This synergistic blend of amino acids, BCAA’s, electrolytes and vitamins is formulated to deliver results and help you push beyond your boundaries.

Each advanced scoop provides you with 6000mg of amino acids, 1260mg of BCAA’s and 1200mg of Beta Alanine, plus electrolytes and vitamins. Tested and trusted by Australia’s top athletes, Essential amino BCAA fuel is your perfect workout companion. And it’s free from caffeine and contains no banned substance – we test every batch!



  • BCAAS protect lean muscle mass & encourages the body to burn fat as fuel.
  • Limits muscle tissue breakdown (anti-catabolic), especially when training fasted or in a sustained calorie deficit during periods of dieting.
  • Reduces post-exercise muscle soreness and incidence of DOMS which can derail your training program.
  • Increases energy levels during training to optimise your workouts and reach your goals faster.
  • Natural electrolyte blend to assist with hydration, reduce risk of muscle cramping and replenishing the vital nutrients lost during exercise.
  • Improves your endurance and stamina so to get more from every training session.
  • Beta Alanine buffers the build-up of lactic acid which can limit the work capacity of muscles, helping you to push through the threshold, delay fatigue and complete those extra reps.
  • High level of antioxidant support helps combat the oxidative damages that can occur when you are exercising hard, which can wear you down and impair recovery.


Amino BCAA Fuel is stimulant free and contains less than one gram of sugar so there’s no crash, no jitters and it won’t impact your blood glucose levels. Just a scientific combination of the nutrients your body needs most during exercise, so you reap maximum energy coupled with optimal recovery.

When you set your goals high, Amino BCAA Fuel helps you take your performance and results to the next level.

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