Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein
Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein
Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein
Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein

Bulk Nutrients Earth Protein

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Earth Protein uses only 100% Natural Ingredients

Chocolate, Choc Honeycomb Flavour Earth Protein
Pea Protein, Fava Bean Protein, Rice Protein, Natural Flavouring, Cocoa, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural Sweeteners (Monk Fruit, Stevia), Xanthan Gum

If you're tired of dairy and other lactose issues, if you avoid whey for ethical reasons or just want to give your digestive system (and the planet) a rest, then our Earth Protein is ideal. Combining natural non GMO, plant based proteins with 100% natural flavours and sweeteners, Earth Protein is as good for you as it is the planet.

Non GMO, dairy free, soy free

Earth Protein® is dairy free, contains no soy and is 100% free of GMO product, added dextrins and fillers. It's free from ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions. It utilises a 100% organic Brown Rice Protein and 100% Canadian Yellow Pea Protein as its protein sources.

High Protein, low carbohydrate

Earth Protein averages 81% protein, from non GMO and naturally grown sprouted Rice and Pea proteins. It is ideal to assist recovery as well as muscle maintenance and growth. We believe it’s the best plant based protein powder for vegans and those looking for plant based proteins as part of a healthy diet.

Earth Protein is ideal for muscle growth and repair

Our combination of pea and rice protein makes Earth Protein a great substitute for whey, with a full balanced spectrum of 18 amino acids (which cannot be gained from either in isolation), in levels which are ideal for muscle growth, recovery and repair. High in specific Branch Chain Amino Acids and Essential Amino Acids, consuming plant based proteins no longer needs to be a compromise.

Earth Protein® Dosage

30 grams (approximately 1 level scoop) after training for maximum nutritional benefit and muscle growth.

Earth Protein is also great to use in baking or as a low fat/carb snack at any time of day.


Earth Protein can be taken with water, juice, smoothies or any liquid. Generally one scoop is added to 300 - 500mls of liquid. It can also be added to food anytime to boost protein levels.

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