Bulk Nutrients Fava Bean Protein
Bulk Nutrients Fava Bean Protein
Bulk Nutrients Fava Bean Protein

Bulk Nutrients Fava Bean Protein

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Fava Bean Protein is a hard to find but high quality plant protein that is very easily digested and utilised in the body. Here is what the team at Bulk Nutrients had to say about their Fava Bean Protein:

"Fava Bean protein is an all natural, nutritionally complete protein with a full array of essential amino acids. It has a rich, earthy taste, with a smooth mouthfeel. High in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats, it naturally contains an array of vitamins and minerals, including Vit B, Manganese, Folate, Calcium and Selenium. We use Australian Fava Bean as one of our key Fava Bean sources.

Using Fava Bean Protein for Recovery and Muscle Building

Compared to other plant proteins, people choose Fava Bean as it has one of the highest protein bioavailability scores so will be one of the most effective plant sources for recovery and building muscle. Fava Bean Protein also natural fibre which is beneficial for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and to support digestion.

Fava Bean can promote Health and Wellness

Fava Bean Protein is rich in naturally occurring anti-oxidants like polyphenols so it has useful anti-inflammatory properties. Several studies have displayed its pro-anthocyanidins (anti inflammatory) benefits. It is a plant protein source which has high bioavailability, low fats and carbohydrates and a great mouthfeel. It has none of the grittiness sometimes associated with plant proteins.

Fava Bean contains only Natural Flavours and Sweeteners

Our Fava Bean Protein uses only all natural flavours and sweeteners, including stevia and monk fruit. The only other addition is medium chain triglycerides which aid solubility and mouthfeel. These healthy fats are great for energy production.

Fava Bean is Naturally High in Protein and Vegan friendly

Fava Bean can be enjoyed on its own in water or with milk of choice as a high protein beverage and works perfectly as a booster to smoothies. It is particularly stable when heated, so it can also be incorporated as a high protein, vegan alternative when cooking to enrich recipes.

Fava Bean Protein Dosage

30 grams (1 flat scoop)

Consume 1x 30g serve with 3-500mls of milk/water or in a smoothie after a workout or as a small high protein snack.

Fava Bean Protein, Natural Flavouring, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural Sweetener (Stevia, Monk Fruit), Xanthan Gum.

Note: Chocolate flavour contains cocoa."

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