Core Nutritionals Lifeline Liver
Core Nutritionals Lifeline Liver

Core Nutritionals Lifeline Liver

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The liver is under constant stress as it works countless jobs to keep the body healthy and at optimal performance. Core Nutritional's Liver Support capsules are an incredible blend of ingredients to assure your liver is happy and working well. Most notably:
  • Milk Thistle Extract - hepatic stress suppression
  • Katuki Extract - enhances bile production
  • TUDCA - enhance liver protection

Here's what the team at Core Nutritionals had to say about Core Liver:

"For many athletes, the liver isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when they think about optimising their gains and recovery. Yet the liver has an undeniable impact on your overall health and fitness. Its actions aid in the filtering of harmful substances from the blood, production of proteins that carry hormones, drugs and fatty acids throughout the body, creates bile to breakdown fats, and stores glycogen, vitamins and other minerals for use in everyday processes. Conversely, the consistently elevated levels of muscle damage, excessive protein intake and stimulant use typical for your average weightlifter places additional stresses on the liver, leading to increased oxidative stress, liver damage and elevated markers of liver function.

This dynamic opposition, where liver function is essential for overall fitness and growth while the very processes involved in body recomposition can cause damage and reduce function, requires an effective remedy to aid with short term fitness goals, as well as long term liver health and function. Enter Core LIVER - our comprehensive liver support and detoxification supplement.

With overall liver health and function in mind, we scoured the available clinical research studies to formulate a liver supplement provides remedial support and protection through multiple metabolic pathways and mechanisms. Overall, this formula helps to provide protection against free radicals and liver damage, enhances liver function, and aids in detoxification. Don’t neglect your liver health or Core LIVER and keep living the Crush It lifestyle."

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