Core Nutritionals Lifeline SOOTHE
Core Nutritionals Lifeline SOOTHE

Core Nutritionals Lifeline SOOTHE

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Core Nutritionals SOOTHE is a natural formula designed to tackle inflammation across the body. Here is what the team at Core Nutritionals had to say about their SOOTHE formula:

  • Cissus quadrangularis - improved joint integrity and function.
  • Boswellia - promotes healthy tendon and cartilage strength..
  • Curcumin - suppresses pro-inflammatory compounds

Inflammation, aches and pains are an inescapable reality for anyone seriously engaged in bodybuilding or fitness. After all, building muscle literally involves tearing your own muscle fibers apart, forcing the body to respond with inflammation and pain. Yet the body doesn't always provide a proportional response and occasionally allows inflammation and pain to kick into overdrive. For some, the best approach to this is to be patient, let the body heal on its own time while dealing with the nagging injuries, aches and pain. For others, well, let's just say that some of us are unwilling to let anything stand in the way of our fitness goals. For those noble few, it's about pushing through the soreness as one more challenge to overcome, lest they miss out on further gains or fall behind the rest of the pack.

It goes without saying that rest is essential for growth and repair, however, you can’t stop living your life - especially if your goal is to CRUSH IT on the daily basis. To help ensure you lead that lifestyle day in and day out, you need to provide your body with certain nutrients capable of providing an additional layer of protection against the rigors of pain and inflammation.

This is exactly what Core SOOTHE offers - an additional layer of relief and protection. Formulated with clinically researched ingredients that have proven time and time again to support tissue repair, like those seen from Cissus quadragularis, antioxidant support, from Phyto-C™; and inflammatory suppression, from Boswellia, Curcumin and Ginger Extract. The synergistic nature of these ingredients is unmatched by any product that we have ever seen, as far as suppressing harmful free radical advancement, and aiding in strengthening vital supporting structures is concerned. That's what led us to developing this blend, and that's why you need Core SOOTHE."

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