FitTrack Atria 2.0 Fitness Watch
FitTrack Atria 2.0 Fitness Watch
FitTrack Atria 2.0 Fitness Watch
FitTrack Atria 2.0 Fitness Watch

FitTrack Atria 2.0 Fitness Watch

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FitTrack Atria is a brilliantly sleek Smart watch with comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities to keep you on track to your fitness plan.

Atria 2.0 is a revolutionary health smartwatch that accurately records physiological data. With 24/7 data collection, it provides the most accurate and granular understanding of your body, without the gimmicks. Optimise the way you live, sleep and train with the Atria 2.0.

Health Report: Actionable Health Insights

Get a detailed analysis and report of your health data so you can track and view your trends on a monthly basis. Share the health analysis with your healthcare professional, personal trainer or nutritionist so you can have a more informed conversation.

Heart Health

Atria 2.0's dynamic 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor gives you an accurate and holistic view of your heart health and performance. 

Sleep Tracking

Sleep is one of the greatest influences to your mental and physical health and can have drastic influence on your body composition. Atria 2.0 lets you track your time in light, REM and deep sleep while providing a sleep score with guidance to improving your overall quality of sleep. 

Stress Management

The experience of stress can be sparked by a combination of various physiological and psychological changes. Atria 2.0’s Stress management programs guide you through a guided breathing exercise and a selection of meditation tracks to help improve your mental health.

Body Temperature

Your body temperature tells a story about your body. It can help you understand your general health. The remarkable body temperature sensor on Atria 2.0 tracks your temperature variation each night and it shows if it varies from your usual range, so you can identify changes in your trends over time and flag potential warning signs to your health.

Guided Program: Coaching that matters.

Go beyond measuring health data and push yourself to become better by getting personalised, actionable guidance and coaching to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Guided content will be continuously added and improving based on your health progress.

Try Fittrack Atria today to better understand your body and smash through your goals. 

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