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Mooyee M2 Massager (DUAL PHYSIO)

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Two Physios in One. 

Mooyee M2 is compact wireless muscle stimulator that uses light electric shocks to stimulate selected muscles just like a deep tissue massage or acupuncture treatment would. Mooyee M2 is the big brother to Mooyee M1 that brilliantly separates into two muscle stimulators. This allows you to target two unique areas at once

This has shown to:

- Actively aid muscle tension

- Improve circulation

- Reduce DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

- Reduce stress

- Speed up muscle recovery.

Simply twist apart to automatically turn Mooyee M2 on, close together to turn back off. 

The crew at Oxygen have been putting both the M1 and the M2 to the test and we have been blown away! 

Electric muscle stimulators have been around for a while but none with the sleek design and convenience of having NO wires to get tangled in. Mooyee are truly ahead of the pack. 

Mooyee M2 offers:

- Multiple target areas for muscle stimulation

- Multi-functional : 18 different modes with intensity from level 1 to 15  

- Easy to control mobile app functionality

(Compatible with IOS 7.0 .Android 4.3 or above)

- Magnetic attachment for easy pack and transport

- Exceptional strength output

- long life rechargable battery (up to 300 mins!), charger cable included. 

- No wires for Incredible convenience and easy travel

- Buyers Guarantee - One year warranty. 

- Sticky Pads (one set included)



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