Pso-Rite Pso-Back
Pso-Rite Pso-Back
Pso-Rite Pso-Back

Pso-Rite Pso-Back

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Pso-Rite are are a revolutionary brand in simple, yet incredibly effective muscle release equipment. 

The Pso-Back® is a highly innovative self-massage tool to help release muscle tissue and trigger points which surround the lower spine and reduce your ability to rotate, flex, and extend the spine creating undesirable stiffness.

Losing the natural curvature of the spine spells disaster for anyone. The Pso-Back® uses hard nodes mimicking a therapists' thumb in combination with a gentle curve, which allows you to release muscular tension, decompress, and stretch the spine providing relief for pinched nerves, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis.

The Pso-Back® can provide relief first thing in the morning if you awake with stiffness. It can be used as a fantastic massage tool when placed behind you in your chair while sitting, and it can also help decompress and stretch the spine after a long day on your feet.

Use it at home, or take it to the gym or the office for relief any time of day. The Pso-Back® is as versatile as it needs to be for your lifestyle!

Pso Rite Self-massage Tool in Australia from Oxygen Nutrition is one of the most revolutionary self care mobility massage as well as Pso-Rite Muscle Release Tool, which are shaped to the size of the psoas complex or hip flexors.exercising with PSO rite regulates and supports our digestive organs and our breathing, and helps in pumping blood and lymph all throughout our body.

The PSO back on the other hand, also from Oxygen Nutrition is another tool that uses hard nodes, which act as the thumb of the therapist. They come in combination with a gentle curve that helps to release the muscular tension, stretch and decompress the spine, thus providing relief to stiff muscles, pinched nerves, spinal stenosis and herniated discs. 

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