True Protein Gut Health
True Protein Gut Health

True Protein Gut Health

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Gut health is directly tied to our energy, mood, immune system and more. So much of our mental and physical health is controlled by the populations of bacteria in gut. Taking care of these little critters directly takes care of us and True Protein Gut Health is a phenomenal new food product to do just that! 

Here's what the team at True Protein had to say about their new Gut Health formula: 

"Every human has an entire ecosystem of microscopic microbiota living inside their gut, spanning all the way from the mouth, through to the stomach, intestines and out the other end.

Much like a rainforest, the diversity of your unique microbiota directly correlates with the health of this ecosystem (the gut microbiome). True Gut Health is a scientifically formulated blend of naturally derived ingredients to support diversity within your microbiome, nurturing a healthy gut.

Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

Collagen is a rich source of amino acids, which contributes to a healthy gut membrane.

Prebiotic Fibers

Sunfiber®, green banana flour and galactooligosaccharide (GOS) are unique prebiotic fibres that contribute to digestive health, support bowel function and promote intestinal health.

Fruit Peel Extracts

Apple peel, acai berry and pomegranate are rich sources of antioxidants, protecting the gut from free radicals and defending against oxidative stress.

Organic Spices

Cinnamon and ginger are spices long renowned in Ayurvedic medicine for their aromatic benefits, as well as their calming effects on the stomach.

Tasmanian Seaweed

This certified organic ingredient is a concentrated source of marine algae, which provides antioxidant support."

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