The 7 most Important Tips To know About Vegan Plant Protein Powders

The 7 most Important Tips To know About Vegan Plant Protein Powders

There are a huge array of sources to can get our protein from; so why are plant protein powders becoming so much more popular? 

Well, they get results. People are building muscle and losing fat quickly but there are some important things to know before making your choice and here are the 7 most important. 

  • Most plant protein powders are considerably thicker than other proteins, this is usually preferable as they keep you feeling full for longer, from less calories. If you want a less thick plant protein, try hemp protein
  • Vegan Plant Protein powders like pea protein contain no lactose and many plant proteins will have extra enzymes actually help your body digest other foods and reduce bloating for a tighter tum. 
  • Plant proteins usually do not taste as good as milk derived proteins and aren't always as smooth in consistency. Pay extra attention to the flavour reviews as there are some absolutely delicious plant protein available. 
  • Many plant proteins are "incomplete" meaning they do not contain all the essential amino acids for recovery and strength. For this reason rather than a single source protein, protein powders from multiple plant sources are usually the best option like Pea and Rice protein powder blended together. 
  •  Pea and brown rice proteins are a very lean natural protein source, raw brown rice protein often achieving lower carbs and sugars than most whey protein.
  • Plant proteins are known to be more environmentally friendly as they require less resources to grow than animals derived proteins. 
  • Plant proteins are commonly cheaper to produce so with a little digging around, you can find brands that carry on those savings for a cheaper protein to you!   




There are a heck of a lot of plant proteins available and they're bringing some seriously unique qualities to the table that are worth utilising. It is wise to search for a protein that blends multiple plant sources together for a diverse nutritional profile (pea & brown rice are our favourite). From there, read up on reviews for flavour, consistency and price or if you'd like some direction, reach out to our team here we'd be glad to help. 

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