Collection: Oxygen's Wholesale Supplement Dispensary

Canberra, we've been working extremely hard to launch a very new concept to the sports nutrition industry.

Introducing Oxygen's Wholesale Supplement Dispensary! Bring in your own reusable packaging and let our team load it up with extremely high quality, Australian-made supplements; at a fraction of standard market prices. We're taking supplements waste free and we're doing it affordably.


This is an in-store experience that will bring high grade nutritional supplements to you, our customers, at wholesale prices, in whatever quantity you want. This will also be significantly better for the environment than traditional sports supplements, something we can all agree is more important than ever.

From Oxygen’s Wholesale Supplement Dispensary we price per kg but you can buy anything from 3 servings to 500 servings.

Did we mention it’s CHEAP?

Premium Pea Protein $18.95/kg (standard market prices $55-65)
Grass fed Whey Protein Isolate from $59.95/kg (standard market prices $69-89)
Organic Hemp Protein $44.95/kg (standard market prices $59-69)

Micellar Casein $39.95/kg (standard market prices $59-79)


There are many more options and a delicious range of flavours, bring in your old tubs and see for yourself team, we’re proud as punch and plan to expand with more options.

*Oxygen's Custom Built Wholesale Supplement Dispensary patent 2019101433*